Select A Name For Your Business

 6 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Business Name.

Here are a few considerations you should make before deciding on a name for your business.

#1 First as most businesses have an online presence of some sort these days you will want to make sure you can obtain a domain name that is closely linked to your business. Consider obtaining a .com domain or if your business is limited to your country you can use a country specific domain such as .us for the United States for Australia etc.

#2 Another consideration is do you want a name that is short and punchy or a long descriptive name. We suggest a short name its much easier when building web sites, business cards and other promotional material for your business.

#3 Pick a name that is easy to say. Its much easier for customers to recommend your company if they can pronounce it.

#4 Do a trademark search. You don't want to select a great name and go to the expense of branding your business only to find someone else owns the trademark.

#5 If your going to name your business or company after yourself it may be more difficult to sell down the track if you decide to sell it at some point. Consider using a more generic name that will be easy to sell.

#6 Your business may want to expand in future. For this reason don't name your business after your city or town unless you have no intention of expanding out of your current locality.

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