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Improvements coming

​We will be adding more content to the site soon 🙂 . We have recently added a chat help feature so please contact us if you require assistance.



I have recently been reviewing an interesting program called Mouseflow it basically shows where your customers and website visitors are going once they enter your site.

It will show choke points where visitors leave your site. It also has a unique feature ​called 'session replay' which shows exactly where your visitors went on your site.

Other features include heat-maps of your site, funnels to show where visitors leak from your site.

Mouseflow also provides feedback and the effectiveness of forms on your page.

Well worth taking a look if you need to improve the efficiency and functionality of your site.

Visit Mouseflow now.


One of my favorite books is ‘Built to Last‘  in that book the authors Jim Collins & Jerry Porras make the point that one of the most important facts about successful companies is to get your company started.

Indeed some of the greatest companies they studied did not have a clear idea of where they were going until a year or more after commencing. They debunked the idea that you need a great idea to start a company.

Here at Busi Start we have now completed the first section on getting your business started. We will soon be moving on to the next section which will be branding.

Busi Start Coming Soon..


Welcome to our blog. We are busy getting the site ready there will be
lots of exciting features for everyone so stay tuned. We will have the
site up and running very soon.